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Acupuncturist, Olivia Wan-Mei WooOlivia Wan-Mei Woo is a New York State Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist and National Board Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology (NCCAOM). Olivia Wan-Mei Woo has been practicing acupuncture, herbalism and traditional chinese medicine for over 25 years in China and New York City. She is known by her patients for her warmth, compassion and discerning experience, skillfully combining her knowledge in acupuncture, chinese herbs, functional medicine and nutrition to create an integrated treatment that may be effective alone or in conjunction with Western medicine. Woo specializes in women’s health (Infertility, PMS, hormonal imbalance), cancer support (Immunity enhancement for pre & post chemo-therapy patients), Shingles, Sports Injuries, Car Injuries, Carpal Tunnel, Bell’s Palsy, Stroke Paralysis, TMJ, Nerve Pain, Migraines, Asthma, Acne, Allergies, and Depression.

Menopause Relief from Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

I started seeing Dr. Wan M. Woo in March 2005 for the symptoms of Menopause: Hot Flashes and Night Sweats. Through the treatment of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine these symptoms have been totally eliminated. It took approximately 6-7 treatments (one per week) before these symptoms completely ceased. I continued to see Dr. Woo for 2-3 additional visits before being released from treatment.

Dr. Woo restored my well-being, my health and my quality of living.

I recommend this treatment for any woman suffering from menopausal symptoms.


I highly recommend this doctor. I had a severe case of acne since I was 4 yrs old, that never went away throughout my adolescence. It reached the point where my face was swollen, that I decided to see an acupuncturist. She spoke to me and came to the conclusion that it was a hormonal imbalance. After 3 treatments and regular Chinese medicine, my face has cleared up tremendously.


My wife and I had been trying to conceive for 2 years with no success before we decided to do something about it without any surgical means. We found Dr. Woo thru our internet research. After about 3 months with God’s help and Dr. Woo’s herbal treatment, my wife was pregnant!!

That was over nine months ago, and now we have a healthy baby girl born on August 20, 2006, 7lbs 19.5 inches. Her name is Azhara.

We would like to note also that Dr. Woo treated both of us individually with her herbal medicine expertise. We were really impressed on how she really treated each one of us personally and really took her time to study her

We would like to thank you again Dr. Woo for your help and dedication to
your patients! God bless you.