Heart Palpitations

I decided to find an acupuncturist after I had been to emergency room 2 times in 3 months for heart palpitating & problem of breathing. Most upsetting, no doctor can tell me why. I did a Google search and I found Dr. Woo. I can not explain why I chose her, maybe it is just destiny.

I arrived at the doctor office in the worst condition of my life. I was barely able to walk and breath & my heart was palpitating. I have pressure in my chest . I couldn’t sleep. I have not been eating for 4 days before I saw the doctor for the first time.

Dr. Woo told me that my problem was the result of hormonal imbalance & stress. She treated me with acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine. After 6 treatments, my appetite improved, my heart palpitation stopped & no more insomnia.

Finally, I have my life back. Dr. Woo is the most dedicated doctor that I have ever known & she always pay close attention to me. Dr. Woo is an angel from heaven. I call her doctor Angel. I will definitely recommend Dr Woo to anyone that I know… she saved my life.

Thank you for your help and dedication. God Bless you