Acupuncture Treatment for Knee Osteo-Arthrosis

Acupuncture for Knee Osteo-Arthrosis

by Dr Woo, Wan Mei L.Ac

Knee Osteo-Arthrosis is a disease widely seen clinically. One of its characteristics is the gradual deterioration of the knees, which significantly affects the life quality of people in middle age. The major complaints of this disease include arthritis pain, especially when weather is cold, incapability to weight, limited activity, muscle weakness, stiffness and atrophy, joint enlargement, deformation and loss of stability. (We have to exclude the possibility of rheumatic arthritis or knee damage caused by external injury.)

So far the mainstream treatment is by taking medicine. But when a medicine is taken orally, only a small portion of it actually goes to the joints and rest of the organs are seriously damaged by the side effect of the medicine. Because of this, it is difficult for patients to receive a long-term treatment persistently. If the medicine is injected directly into the joints, it increases the possibilities of joint infection. Clinically, we found by combining acupuncture, moxibustion and exercise treatments, a very good result is achieved.

  • The points of Acupuncture: Siyan, Zu-San-Li, Yan Ling Quan, Sue Hai, Yin Ling Quan
  • The points of Moxibustion: Yao Yan Guan, Dubi

Two beneficial exercises are suggested as follows:

Knee Exercises for Osteo-Arthrosis

Knee Exercises for Osteo-Arthrosis

The reason, which causes atrophy of muscle and muscle weakness, is the decrease of knee activity of the patients in order to avoid pain. As the result, the nearby lack effective in stimulation and knee joint is not strong enough to support weight. By exercise of the muscle to increase muscle strength, the knee joint stability significantly improved. Acupuncture and moxibustion are traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Acupuncture helps blood circulation, which relieves the pain; moxibustion increases Yang at lower body, decreases blood thickness and infection, and helps the depletion of waste accumulated within tissues. After acupuncture and moxibustion treatment, the patients feel relief in pain and the whole body health condition improves. With proper exercises, the arthritis symptoms are effectively under control, and life quality can be improved significantly.

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