Acupuncture and Remedies for the Prevention of Early Senility & Aging

Acupuncture and Remedies to Prevent Early Senility & Aging

Because of the busy career and nervous life style of the modern society, plus lack of correct exercise, physical organs of many people are gradually damaged and people begin to show signs of senility when they are not even 60 years old. Generally, from 45 to 59 years old are considered as the pre-stage of senility. According to Chinese traditional medicine’s “healing before illness” theory, we should work on preventing aging before it really happens. In other words, we should pay attention to this problem when we are around 35 years old.

There are four major reasons which cause people to look old when they are physically young:

  1. Kidney destruction because of indulgent sexual life, or because of inborn weakness of kidney
  2. Eating disorder and spleen damage caused by lack of rest
  3. Long-term illness, which damages internal organs gradually
  4. Long-term depression or unpleasant mood

Signs of senility includes:

  • lack of energy
  • loss of head hairs
  • eating less and lifelessness
  • sleepless and amnesia
  • lack of sexual desire
  • breathless with mild exercise
  • loss of sight or hearing capability
  • tinnitus
  • back pain
  • bed wetting

Physical exercise suggested by Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and diet treatment bring pretty good results in healing such problems. Patients should ask for doctor’s recommendations to fit their personal needs. In addition, people may massage their Zusanli (ST36) point on both legs for 10 minutes everyday, consistently take exercise suitable for their own physical conditions. Last but not least, keep making every day’s life a pleasant one.

Some components of the food are identified acting as tonics in anti-aging process:

Peanuts: Regularly taking peanuts will enhance one’s memory and delay brain function decay. It is because its Catechins is particularly useful for anti-aging process. (But for people with a sensitive stomach, eating peanuts might cause disturbance and has to be concerned)

Sesame: Its profound Vitamin E can eliminate the damage caused by oxidation of lipid, neutralize the accumulation of “free radicals” inside the cells, and therefore plays a role in longevity.

Lyell Fructus (Gon Gi Zi): It plays a role in inhibiting accumulation of lipid in the liver cells. It also enhances immunity.

Pollen: Pollen has vitamins, amino acids and natural enzymes, which may stimulate anti-aging effects.

He Show Wu: He Show Wu is rich in lecithin, which is one of the major building blocks for our nervous system. It also is a heart stimulant, and may lower cholesterol level.

Royal Jelly: By stimulating brain, pituitary gland, and adrenal gland, it activates oxygen supply to tissue cells and vivifies their functions.

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